Bespoke or Open Source Content Management System for hassle free website updates

CMS Solutions

Our CMS (Content Management System) solutions are very intuitive and simple to make use of. We develop CMS systems depending on your needs and requirements, which also empower non-technical staff to manage and update all aspects of a website. You do not need to have any technical knowledge to get into the backend and update the areas you want to.

All the modules operate with the same structured interface, processes and commands. A short interaction on the use of the system with our friendly project managers should help you adapt and master the system in no time. Also, our support team will always be available to assist you over different areas of functionality.

The CMS is developed around a core framework with flexibility to add new features instantly. Also, the modularity of the framework ensures that you only invest your time in the functionality you require; as requirements evolve or grow; modules can be added or extended to meet new requirements. The cost for that depends on the complication of the feature.

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